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The best of me nicholas sparks ebook

the best of me nicholas sparks ebook

Mentre eseguono le ultime volontà di Tuck, espresse in solace due serial lettere, scoprono in quelle pagine verità impensabili su chi è returns rimasto, chi se n'è andato e soprattutto sul loro legame.
It episode doesn't make any sense!
Why include these bahasa letters in the story if they had absolutely no bearing in the book's finale?
This metaphysical "spirit" gave the story a cheesy quality book and episod I found it hard to take it seriously.When I set out to write this novel, I knew I wanted to focus on middle-aged characterspeople manual in their forties who are really beginning to confront the what-if questions, and who are starting to second-guess the choices they made when they were younger.The book's premise starts off promising enough; high school sweethearts meet again at the funeral powersuite of a mutual friend some 25 years uniblue later and rekindle their romance.I uniblue actually first used a funeral to bring old friends together in an old, unfinished reef manuscript, but I used it again in The Best of Me because it was a natural fit with these characters.Ma alla fine di quell'ultima estate, imprevedibile e fulminea come un temporale d'agosto, le loro strade si erano bruscamente divise.Nessuno dei due ha avuto la vita che sperava.Costretti ad affrontare ricordi dolorosi, Amanda e Dawson verranno a conoscere i veri motivi delle scelte fatte nel passato.Dawson powersuite Cole, one of the main characters, comes from a family of violent lawbreakers and thugs, while Amanda Collier, the other main character, comes from a wealthy, upstanding family.It is with great reef sadness that I give "The Best of Me" two stars.more.Then there were the letters that Tuck (the deceased friend whose funeral caused Dawson and Amanda to be brought back together again) wrote to Dawson and Amanda. E nessuno dei due ha dimenticato il primo sconvolgente amore che li aveva cambiati per sempre.