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South park the stick of truth xbox 360 iso

Kim: Go to browser City Wok and returns complete.
More Popular Than Jesus (30 points Befriend Half of South Park.
Go inside the school small hole to get the collectible.ManBearPig Claw Stats: update 11, 179-250, 3, None Special Effects: Reach Perfect attack hits target and windows enemies behind update it; Sharp Adds 20 damage on perfect attacks Location: roxio lesson Defeat ManBearPig.Axe Of Stopping, stats: 8, 133-185, 3, None,.Fatdactyle: After obtaining the Biebersaurus Chinpokomon, go browser to the Theater, and look for it above the Booking Booth.Jesus and Priest Maxi: Successfully complete their side-quest to become whening friends with them.Leroy Mullens: After getting shrunken, go to the top of the News Building to find cyberduck Leroy.Exit the ventilation shaft, and climb down the ladder.Pterdaken: After obtaining the Donkeytron Chinpokomon, go to the second floor of the school, and open up the storage lockers to find the collectible.Crutch Of Weakness Stats: 4, 30-42, 3, None, Special Effects: Numbling Strike Weakens target's attacks on perfect attack Location: You can find it after defeating Jimmy on the upper floor of the Giggling Donkey.Easy reef "Heisenberg" achievement First, obtain the "Evil Cartman Goatee" at Cartman's house in the first drawer to your right.Enter the middle hallway, and a cutscene will begin where you are tasked with shrinking yourself and going.Battle Bow Stats: 11, 240, 3, Fire, 23 Special Effects: Thorns Melee enemies take 50 damage; Triple-Hard Hit Strong against armor and hits for extra damage; Volley Fire 3 projectile arrows that can be critical on perfect attacks Location: Buy it from a shop. McCormik love in Kenny's house to become friends with her.
No Child Left windows Behind (15 points Complete the game without ever ending a combat with a buddy knocked out.