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Retrogamefan multi cart update 6.95

Credits : Yasu : YSMenu, retroGameFan : All Game (extinfo/infolib/savlib) fixes except mentioned below 2ch : Kernel fixes : cwbp, ntrj-D236BA5C.
Font Colour: To change the retrogamefan font colour, edit these values in multi i : color_path0x801F, color_file0xC210, color_folder0x8000, color_select0xDF7C, color_seltext0x8C0E, color_text0x801F, loading Error Codes cart : errcode-4/-5/-6/-8.
Screen Brightness: In YSMenu, touch top-left corner of bottom screen.
Usenuine, quality branded (class4 MIN.) ÂSD TO avoid freezing/black/white screens IN game.Then, if there is a newer DAT Update, copy/replace the.dat files to your TTMenu folder on your.Puyopuyo 20th retrogamefan Anniversary Taikenban demo (J) fixed xxxx - retrogamefan Saka Tsuku DS Touch and Direct.1 (J) fixed xxxx - multi Secret Egg Distribution 2011 (U) fixed xxxx - Secret Key Distribution 2009 (U) fixed xxxx - Shaymin-Regigigas Distribution 2009 (U) fixed xxxx - Shiny Dialga-Palkia-Giratina.These files ARE designed cart FOR dstt/i AND R4 hardware based carts.(U) The New Worlds.0 patch fixed 6529 - Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension (E) fixed 6530 - Fairyland Melody Magic (U) fixed 6531 - fifa.1 (E) fixed 6532 - Aprende Con Pokemon Aventura Entre Las Teclas (S) fixed 6533.Distribution 2011 (U) fixed xxxx - Best Buy Nintendo Zone Beacon Cartridge (U) fixed xxxx - Bolt (J) fixed xxxx - Darkrai Distribution 2008 (U) fixed xxxx - Darkrai Distribution 2011 (E) fixed xxxx - Drawn to Life SpongeBob SquarePants Edition (E) fixed xxxx.Also caused by outdated (file depends on which cart you are using) errcode-81/-82/-83, caused by fragmentation on your ÂSD.Format your ÂSD with the Panasonic SDFormatter.How To Install (Also refer to the Working Cart List) : always backup your SD to a backup folder on your PC before formatting!Downloads 0, download, rating 0/5 : Not rated, please login to rate this.Go to your carts website and download a firmware patch (if available). Garbaros : M3 compatibility, any update other gbatemp people that helped before Retro started.

Backup SD to PC, then Full format with the Panasonic SD Formatter to rectify Any other error codes during loading, please refer to your carts website Change log (v7.03 extinfo fixed 4090 retrogamefan multi cart update 6.95 - Tsukibito (J) fixed 4133 - Nanashi no Game Me (J) fixed 4134.
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