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Hataraku maou-sama episode 14

Btooom!: A games group of people are put into an island and forced to kill each other with titling bombs.
A must episode watch, if you haven't yet.Very well written, and with awesome characters and fights.Mirai Nikki: 12 random people are given a phone which can tell them their fusion future, and must fight to the waters death in hataraku order to become god.Durarara!: Watch it after Baccano, if you liked Baccano.Just watch it, it is awesome.Fate/Zero: a war between seven wizards hunger and their servants, heroic spirits, for the holy grail.Zetsuen no tempest: Two friends try to save the world while regular they seek revenge for the death of the sister of one of them.A very addicting anime, episode mecha with ecchi action and a supernatural story.ToraDora: this one is a romantic comedy, but a vey good one at that.Psycho-Pass: A sci-fi waters thriller, by the same man waters who wrote trainer fate/Zero.HunterxHunter 2011: Another shonen, this was has no ecchi at all, but gets really serious halfway through.Very intriguing, and te hunger main character is hilarious.Another must watch anime, beautifull in both its animation and music.a summary of this one would be font complicated. The fights are fantastic too.

It has the same style.
For the best answers, search on this site /AEavz, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood: Two alchemist brothers look for the philosopher stone hataraku maou-sama episode 14 in order to recuperate their bodies.