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Far cry game kickass

Here's to hoping development on Blood Dragon 2: Back for Blood gets underway in jukebox the film near future.
A few old-school cheat codes would have been welcome.This is a game I suggest either crawling through to soak in all game the 80's nostalgia it has to offer or game replaying a few times to replay the games best parts.This may break the game for some but being the so over powered in a sandbox is something lacking in today's world that strives for the hyper-realistic experience.It's cheesy good game humor.All of these things authors come naturally enough for Blood Dragon.The voice acting is great game too.Gameplay: 9/10 The controls are standard.The maps are all built from the ground up using assets at hand.Ubisoft has proved all that is old and boring can be new and exciting again.Its a total conversion singleplayer project that offers campaign consisting of multiple game singleplayer missions set in a world destroyed by an outbreak of zombie virus.With this much service episode to fun-loving fans of all things 80's this game is about as good as it gets.In an industry that has been spoiled with oscar worthy stories destined to sit on the same shelf as bargain film bin shovelware, all for the same 60 asking jukebox price, Blood Dragon is one of the most pleasant surprises in a long with time. Dead Cry is not merely a bunch of maps or drumming a mod alone though.
An excellent adventure with countless nods to all things 80's action film that shouldn't be missed by anyone with a soft spot for that particular by-gone era of action entertainment.
An R-rated, interactive 80's action movie.

If that sounds like something you would read on the back of a cheesy 80's action movie VHS sleeve that's because Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is exactly that.
When the action heats far cry game kickass up with lasers and explosions contrasting the dark red sky makes for a sight unique to Blood Dragon and one not to miss.