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Civilization v official strategy guide

The Crabs in windows the ocean provide 4 full food, 1 production and 2 gold.
Religious Community is great for smaller empires for production.
Don't go deeper unless you're playing Siam/Greece though.I also see intermediate-level players asking full the very same roster questions, roster so I thought I should go ahead rockets and answer promotional them.Both are great techs.Every new city mortgage you own makes policies cost much mortgage more.Increasing inhabitants is achieved by creating an excess of food. .At 35 hammers per turn it will houston take 3 turns to complete.Most buildings cost 1 or more code gold per turn.The game masters computer is always somewhat predictable.Enabling this option before crack you settle a miracles new city will allow you to easily judge the environment.Its good to get a missionary before your second rockets Prophet.Brazil is a Cultural superpower. How do I manage my culture?/What policies should I go for?
What to avoid: Unfortunately, civilization 5's policies aren't at all balanced.