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1940s edit bell In the early 1940s, the photovoltaic cell was developed by Russell Ohl.
The first president of research at Bell Labs was Frank.
Max Mathews Wrote music, the first widely used program for sound generation, in 1957.Claude Shannon Founded information theory with the publishing of bell A Mathematical Theory of Communication in 1948.Retrieved b Golio, Mike; Golio, Janet (2018).Arno Allan Penzias Discovered background radiation, with Robert.1998: Horst Störmer, Robert Laughlin, and Daniel Tsui, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering and explaining the fractional quantum Hall effect.About Us, advertise, ad Choices, connect With Us, mobile 2019 CBS Broadcasting Inc.In 1947, Richard Hamming invented Hamming codes for error detection and correction.Smith shared the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics with Willard Boyle for "the invention of an imaging semiconductor circuitthe CCD sensor, which has wont become an electronic eye in almost all areas of photography ".External links edit Coordinates : 404100N 742403W /.683404N.400744W /.683404; -74.400744."Alcatel-Lucent sets new world record broadband speed of 10 Gbps for transmission of data over traditional copper telephone lines" (Press release). Model II: Relay program Computer / Relay Interpolator, 24 September 1943, for interpolating data points of flight profiles (needed for performance testing of a gun director).
The 1950s also saw developmental activity based upon information theory.